The Mission

Slavery long banner

As Many as 35,000 People Are Enslaved in North Sudan

During the Sudanese Civil War (1983-2005), North Sudanese militias fighting for the Islamist government enslaved thousands of South Sudanese Christian and animist people. The goal was to destroy Christianity in all of Sudan.

Today, the war is over, and South Sudan is independent, but thousands of South Sudanese people are still trapped in slavery.  In the North, they are subjected to forced labor, forced marriages, child-parent separation, beatings, sexual violence, and forced conversion to Islam.

Christian Solidarity International Runs an            Underground Network to Get Them Out

We work with sympathetic North Sudanese traders, who travel around the region, searching for enslaved people, negotiating for their release – and then sneaking them across the border back to South Sudan.

It Costs About $50 to Set a Person Free

It usually costs about $50 in cattle vaccine to secure a person’s freedom, and another $50 in food for the person on their journey back.  When they arrive in their homeland, CSI teams meet them, provide them with food and medical aid, survival kits, and a female goat.  The local community helps them find their families and a new place to live.

On April 12, We Walk to Break the Chains

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